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A History of Computing

The Next Platform Next Platform Radio
Computer History Museum The National Museum of Computing | Home to The First Electronic Computers
A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 1 | The Register A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 2 | The Register
6 computer labs that gave birth to the digital world History of computer science
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Turing machine The Analytical Engine Table of Contents
Enigma Machine Bombe
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The ENIAC Celebrating Penn Engineering History: ENIAC
Colossus computer Ultra
The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System UNIX History
Unix at 50: How the OS that powered smartphones started from failure Unix wars
LINUX is obsolete - Andy Tanenbaum/Linus Torvalds debate The biggest events in Linux's history
Linux vs. Unix: What's the difference? LEO - Lyons Electronic Office
Multics The Development of the C Language
Green computing Grid computing
Fifth generation computer Quantum computer
List of pioneers in computer science History of free and open-source software
History of the graphical user interface List of computer term etymologies
Cloud computing Distributed computing
Internet of Things Information technology
In their own words: Unix pioneers remember the good times | Open Source Software - InfoWorld Browser wars
Dennis Ritchie Home Page History of the Internet
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BBC - iWonder - Alan Turing: Creator of modern computing Alan Turing - Publications by Andrew Hodges
Turing_Paper_1936.pdf John Vincent Atanasoff and the Birth of Electronic Digital Computing
Linus Torvalds - Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary - Book Review | BookPage  The most momentous tech events of the past 30 years | Network World
ENIAC Programmers Project Moore's law
Computer network A brief history of virtualisation - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5
Local area network Wide area network
Geek's Guide | The Register A Geek's Map to Britain
Open Source Technology Trends 2021 – What’s there for you? InfoWorld’s 2021 Technology of the Year Award winners
Web3 Dark web


History of Free/Open Source
History of free and open-source software History of the OSI
Free and Open Source Movements Part 1 - History and Philosophies Open Source Content in Education: Part 2 - Developing, sharing, expanding resources
A Brief History of Free and Open Source Software Licensing A history of FOSS law and licensing
Open Source Software: A History Free/Open Source Software: A Brief History And Concept - YouTube
A Brief History of Open Source Software | A Brief History of Open Source Software, Part 2: OSS Licenses and Legalities
A Brief History of Open Source Software, Part 3: The FOSS Environment Today How open-source software transformed the business world


Computer hardware
History of computing hardware (before 1960) History of computing hardware (1960s-present)
The early days of PCs as seen through DEAD TREES | The Register Classes of computers
Computer Basics for Absolute Beginners  
Mainframe computer Home computer
Personal computer Minicomputer
IBM PC compatible Desktop computer
Tablet computers Laptop
Smartphone Server (computing)
Quantum computer - Wikipedia Blade server
Embedded system Client-server model - Wikipedia
Central processing unit Computer architecture
Computer memory Computer data storage
Microcontroller Microprocessor
Complex instruction set computing Multi-core processor
Reduced instruction set computing List of microprocessors
Computer memory Microprocessor chronology
Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) Field-programmable gate array (FPGA)
Graphics processing unit (GPU) What Is a DPU?
Computer data storage Open Compute Project
System on a chip (SoC) Single-board computer
ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber - Part Two: the accidental chip
Hardware virtualization Instruction set architecture
Hardware acceleration  


HPCwire: Global News on High Performance Computing (HPC)
History of supercomputing
Home | TOP500 Supercomputer Sites
Blue Gene
Titan (supercomputer)


Computer software
History of free and open-source software Free software movement
History of open source in government | Timeline: Open Source in the US Government
Open Source History: Tracing the Origins of Hacker Culture and the Hacker Ethic Hacker culture
White hat (computer security) Black hat
Programming language Malware
Compiler Interpreter
Terminal emulator Desktop environment
Linux kernel Operating system
Linux distribution What is an OS? Operating System Definition for Beginners
List of operating systems History of operating systems
Timeline of programming languages Timeline of operating systems
X.Org Server Wayland (display server protocol)
File system Device driver
Relational database NoSQL
Block (data storage) Object storage
Infrastructure as a service Platform as a service
Software as a service Cloud storage
Application software What is software defined networking? |
Software-defined networking Software-defined data center
Software-defined storage Operating system-level virtualization
Virtualization Network functions virtualization
Hypervisor Gallery: The 20 most significant events in Linux's 20-year history | ZDNet
OpenStack Microservices
LXC - Linux Containers Fun:Gospel of Free Software
Unikernel Guide to the Open Cloud 2016
Hyper-converged infrastructure Parallel computing
Distributed computing What is DevOps?
DevOps Open Source and Cloud Computing: Friends or Foes?
Serverless computing Artificial intelligence
Machine learning Big data
Kubernetes Edge computing
Git Software repository
Open standard The evolution of package managers
Emulate home computers of the 70's and 80's through linux API (Application Programming Interface)
How User Revolts Shaped the Linux Desktop infrastructure-as-code
Package manager App store


Unix/Linux System Design
The UNIX Time-Sharing System* Linux kernel design patterns - part 1 []
Linux kernel design patterns - part 2 [] Linux kernel design patterns - part 3 []
Ghosts of Unix Past: a historical search for design patterns [] Ghosts of Unix past, part 2: Conflated designs []
Ghosts of Unix past, part 3: Unfixable designs [] Ghosts of Unix past, part 4: High-maintenance designs []