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Help for Do-It-Yourselfers

Articles for the do-it-yourselfer
How to Build a New PC For Linux PC hardware and peripherals
How to build a great Linux PC for under $1,000 The Latest Technology Product Reviews, Tips, News and Deals | PCMag
You can build Linus Torvalds' PC: Here's all the hardware and where to buy it Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets
How to Build a PC! Step-by-step | YouTube videos  
How to Build a Computer  
After you build your computer...  
Install Linux OS from live USB, CD or DVD How to Boot From a USB Device - Buy Linux CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives, Books, Software Repositories - Your source for open source Linux Flash Drive -
Linux live distros Shop Linux Online - Linux Distros on CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives and Manuals
Etcher – A Beautiful App To Create Bootable USB Drives And SD Cards Create A Bootable USB Drive By Simply Copying The ISO To The USB With Ventoy (Linux And Windows)
UNetbootin - create bootable live Linux USB drives How to verify the integrity of a Linux distribution iso image
A Guide Through The History of Unix & Linux: Everything You Need To Know
BASH - search results | The Linux Command Handbook
GNU/Linux General Troubleshooting Guide for Beginners How to use VIM Editor
Providing Good Ubuntu Support Professional online Linux classes for all - and the first one is free | ZDNet
12 Amazing and Essential Linux Books To Enrich Your Brain and Library Free tutorials for Open Office
Free tutorials for Open Office So You're Curious About Linux...
Linux for your Loved Ones - Freedom Penguin Ebook: Introducing Learn Linux In One Week and Go from Zero to Hero
An Introduction to Linux - Demonstration Video A New User Guide to Linux Communities
The Complete Linux Introduction--Part 1 Linux academy: Part one - How to get started with Linux
Linux academy: Part two - Open source it Linux academy: Part three - Multimedia freedom
Sudo FAQ Some common beginner Linux installation issues
Simple Tips for the New User to remember about Linux Choosing the Right Linux Distribution
Linux Family Tree 10 things you should do to a new Linux PC before exposing it to the Internet
Help! My Linux won't start. More terminal programs you should be using like a pro
Putting Together A Linux Office Getting started with GRUB
Roll your own Linux distro Anatomy of the Linux networking stack
Mash Up Roundup Give Your Networked HP Printers HPLIP
Is my hardware Linux-compatible? Find out here 50 Open Source Desktop Projects: Good Downloads
Who needs Windows Home Server with Linux around? A step-by-step guide to building a new SELinux policy module
Pain-free disk space management with LVM Comprehensive integrity verification with md5deep
The 70 coolest free applications in existence DIY Linux live CD -- the really easy way!
Specialty Linuxes to the rescue 50+ Resources For Your Linux Setup/Desktop/Machine/Brain
Awesome timeline of Unix, Linux and Mac OSX Productivity enhancers for Thunderbird
Vyatta: A high-end Linux-based firewall and router Windows vs Linux: Architecture, part I
Windows vs Linux: Architecture, part II Best Linux Desktop Distribution for Home Users
Logical volume management How to fix the most common Linux problems
UID and GID: the basics of Linux user admin Linux saves the day: why every good toolkit should have Linux
Become a Linux command line black-belt Fix a Frozen System with the Magic SysRq Keys
The dangers of automatic updates OPEN SOURCE GOD: 480+ Open Source Applications
Basic Linux Tips and Tricks, Part 1 Digital Photo Management In Linux, Part 1
Setting time the right way, the Linux way Learn Linux Leanly
Linux: Should You Use Twice the Amount of Ram as Swap Space? Tales from responsivenessland: why Linux feels slow, and how to fix that
Keeping Linux Clean Run your own home-entertainment server with Linux and MythTV: we show you how
Virtual machine, full installation or...Wubi Basic Linux Tips and Tricks, Part 2
Linux: Monitor hard disks temperature with hddtemp Essential tips to help you work smarter with Linux
Free Download: 100 Open Source Apps for Windows Home Automation with Linux
Linux tips every geek should know How to Configure Linux for Children
Linux-based Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools How to Restart a Frozen Desktop in Linux
Network Design for a Small Business How to build your own router
How to secure your Linux system 5 of the Best Free Linux System Cleaning Tools
Most Highly Recommended Books About Linux Writing SE Linux policy HOWTO
A Selection of the Very Best Open Source Tutorials and Tools Best Lightweight Linux Distribution for Older Computers
SSH, the Secure Shell Linux as an Automation Host
How to create your own cloud with Linux Ten Things I Wish I Knew When Becoming A Linux Admin
All the Free Linux Documentation Resources You'll Ever Need A Windows user's guide to Linux
PCWorld - 30 Days With Ubuntu Linux The 16 Linux Shell Commands Every Desktop Linux User Should Know
HTG Explains: What's the Difference Between Sudo & Su? Start Fine-Tuning Sudo on Linux
Become a Vi Master by Learning These 30+ Key Bindings HTG Explains: The Linux Directory Structure Explained
Rsync, It's GRRRRaphical! | Linux Journal HTG Explains: Why You Don't Need an Antivirus On Linux (and When You Do)
How to Run Your Own Mainframe Linux | Reset root password in Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, CentOS or pretty much any Linux distributions - blackMORE Ops
Top 10 Uses For Linux (Even If Your Main PC Runs Windows) | Lifehacker Australia How to Reset the Root Password in Linux
Password Strength Checker How to use the Linux ftp command to up- and download files on the shell
Top 3 Linux Password Managers - Linux notes from DarkDuck Build Your Own Linux Cloud Alternative - Datamation
Easy, Linux-compatible password management with KeePassX | Confused by crypto? Here's what that password hashing stuff means in English • The Register
How to Develop Own Custom Linux Distribution From Scratch Run Linux And Other Operating Systems In Your Browser
Welcome to Linux From Scratch! Test 100+ Linux And Unix Operating Systems Online For Free
Linux from Scratch teaches building blocks | Tips for Securing your Home Network with Linux and Open Source |
8 Tools to Easily Create Your Own Custom Linux Distro How To Backup Your Entire Linux System Using Rsync


Hard disks, partitions and filesystems
A beginner’s guide to disks and disk partitions in Linux Best Disk Partition Managers for Linux
7 Linux fdisk Command Examples to Manage Hard Disk Partition Top 5 Linux Partition Managers
Search Results: How-To Geek - Linux disk partition 8 Linux ‘Parted’ Commands to Create, Resize and Rescue Disk Partitions
Partitions: Planning Your Linux Installation Search results: Tecmint - Linux disk partition
How to partition and format a drive on Linux How To Manage Disk Partitions Using Parted Command
4 Ways to View the Partition Table in Linux How to Clone a Partition or Hard drive in Linux
9 Tools to Monitor Linux Disk Partitions and Usage in Linux Linux Partition Management
PartedMagic 5 Free Partition Managers for Linux
A Quick Guide to Linux Partition Schemes 10 fdisk Commands to Manage Linux Disk Partitions
How to Check Bad Sectors or Bad Blocks on Hard Disk in Linux  
Logical Volume Manager (LVM) versus standard partitioning in Linux How to manage storage on Linux with LVM
How to Create/Configure LVM (Logical Volume Management) in Linux How to Remove Physical Volume from a Volume Group in LVM
How to Extend/Increase LVM’s (Logical Volume Resize) in Linux How to Reduce/Shrink LVM’s (Logical Volume Resize) in Linux
Do You Need a Boot Partition in Linux?  
Do we really need swap on modern systems? All You Need To Know About Swap Partition In Linux
How To Create Or Increase Swap Space In Linux Ultimate guide : swap addition in Linux (LVM, parted)
How To Use A Swap File Instead Of A Swap Partition On Linux Linux permissions: SUID, SGID, and sticky bit
Using the New GUID Partition Table in Linux (Goodbye Ancient MBR) RNR Is A Terminal File Manager That Combines Features From Midnight Commander and Ranger
What Is a File System? Types of Computer File Systems and How they Work – Explained with Examples Disk/filesystem management
The Many Faces of the Linux File System BTRFS Guide: Getting Started with BTRFS
What is a mount point in Linux/Unix? How to use dd in Linux without destroying your disk
How to Mount and Unmount File Systems in Linux Manually mount a USB drive in the Linux terminal
How to Defragment Linux Systems - Make Tech Easier Monitor SATA and SSD Health with SMART
System bootup Use Zswap to Improve Performance on Linux PC with Low Amounts of RAM
Linux Directory Structure Explained for Beginners What's the right amount of swap space for a modern Linux system?
8 Best Linux Console File Managers Linux Hard Links vs Symbolic Links and How to Create Them
Polo – A Modern Light-weight File Manager for Linux CDIR – A Faster Way to Navigate Folders and Files on Linux
How To Keep Ownership And File Permissions Intact When Copying Files Or Directories Inodes and the Linux filesystem
Finding what you’re looking for on Linux How to Check if Your Computer Uses UEFI or BIOS


CUPS and Linux printing
Linux 101: Printing The CUPS Printing System
CUPS on FreeBSD CUPS - ArchWiki
Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using CUPS Command-Line Utilities Printer Operation
Step-by-Step IPP based Print Server using CUPS CUPS - Print Server
Add a Printer On Linux With CUPS Web Utility How to Install Printer Drivers on Linux
HPLIP - Gentoo Wiki How to Install HPLIP to Linux
Linux OS Service ‘hplip’ Printing from the Linux command line


Chroot/root password reset
Chroot and root user password recovery in Linux Reset a forgotten root password using a live distribution
Chroot into a Broken Linux Install Recover - Reset forgotten linux root password
How to recover from a failing Kernel What's the proper way to prepare chroot to recover a broken Linux installation?
chroot “jail” - what is it and how do I use it? chroot - Debian Wiki
LFCS – How to Recover ROOT Password How To Login With A USB Flash Drive Instead Of A Password On Linux Using pam_usb (Fork)


Learn Linux through Arch Linux
Arch Linux: The Simple Linux Arch Linux
ArchWiki How to Install Arch Linux [Step by Step Guide]
Build a Killer Customized Arch Linux Installation (and Learn All About Linux in the Process) How to Use AUR in Arch Linux


Help websites
GNOME Library - Users KDE - Experience Freedom!
The Computer Technology Documentation Project - Linux Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial
System/Network Administration BASH/CLI - the Command Line Interface
Howtos, tips, tutorials; IT ebooks LinuxQuestions
Linux answers to common problems Tips For Linux Explorers
LinuxForums Linux Online - User Groups
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
Documentation Archives (Linux-related documents) IBM developerWorks Linux Today Archives
linux howtos home File system - Wikipedia SystemRescueCd - supporting documentation
Firefox Add-ons Free Software Magazine
Linux from scratch SuperLinux Encyclopedia of Linux Links
lifehacker - blog site Ubuntu Geek
How-To Geek:Linux How-To Geek:Firefox
FLOSS Manuals [Phoronix] Linux Hardware Reviews, Benchmarking & Gaming
SmallNetBuilder Linux Links Linux Information Portal Loads of Linux Links
YouTube - Open source software tutorials YouTube - Linux tutorials
The Linux Link Tech Show Weekend Project: Taking the Next Step with Linux after the Install
O'Reilly Open Books Project Welcome to Safari Books Online
IT eBooks - Free Download - Big Library Learning Unix
O'Reilly's CD bookshelf Linux and Unix Troubleshooting E-Book
Nutshell eBooks - Free Download IT eBooks 30 Best Sources For Linux / *BSD / Unix Documentation On the Web
Linux All-in-One For Dummies Linux Career News | Linux Jobs | Linux Skills | Linux Training
The Linux kernel and device drivers Ryan's Tutorials
A.P. Lawrence - Unix, Linux, Mac OS X Help Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides
Unixmen The Debian Administrator's Handbook
Slashdot TV - Linux Training For The desktop and Server
Open Source Varsity | Open Source Training & Tutorials Introduction to Linux | edX
Free Linux Training Linux certification and training
Linux Academy The Linux man-pages project
Softpanorama: (slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Society Free OS Linux Server OS Research Library of White Papers, Magazines, Reports, and eBooks
Hardware - Debian Wiki  Welcome to The Grymoire!